Shoe Organizer Stand ABS Plastic

Shoe Organizer Stand ABS Plastic

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Shoe Stand Organizer ABS Plastic Assorted Colors

Product Description

This shoe organizer stand is made of high quality durable plastic which makes it easy to maintain. The new utility design ensures the footwear stays in place and saves space due to the stack design. One rack provides storage space for one pair of footwear and can be easily placed under bed or any small space. Order this home organizer product online on Big Brand Box, India.

  • new designed shoe organizer will help you double your shoe storage space in a snap! Fit most size of the shoes,Safe and skip-proof Snap joint on the bottom, the shoes won`t fall off easily.
  • Great for home use-For decoration and also shoe storage .
  •  Material: Plastic.
  • Color: Blue,Green Yellow, Pink.  
  • Package Included: 1x Shoes organizer.