Your Horoscope This Week: Get Ready for Libra Vibes and a Rejuvenating New Moon

Get ready, the sun moves into Libra this week, putting a whole lot of focus on relationships and helpful interactions in your weekly horoscope (Sept. 23-29). And with Mercury (planet of communication) and Venus (planet of love) already in this zone, key conversations and negotiations may be easier over the next couple weeks.

On Tuesday, a very helpful aspect between Mercury and Jupiter (planet of expansion) can assist in connecting with key people and generally enjoying life. And then on Wednesday and Thursday, luscious Venus angles toward Saturn (planet of responsibility), and Mercury links to Pluto (planet of transformation)—hinting at difficulties with certain people or situations. This isn’t the best time to work on deals or attempt to negotiate.

Saturday’s new moon in Libra brings a chance for a fresh start around a key relationship. Whether it means taking a romance to the next level or starting a business partnership, this is the time to go for it. And an uplifting Venus-Jupiter tie can add warmth and generosity to any discussion.
How the Planets Will Rejuvenate Your Zodiac Sign This Week
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While this may be a good week for you Aries, Mars’s travel through your work zones is putting some emphasis on health and wellness. If you’ve been slacking at getting that daily exercise in, now’s the time to focus on it. Monday could see you socializing more than normal. Wednesday and Thursday, you may want to step back from an argument as opposed to stimulating it.

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With the sun moving through your lifestyle and health zones, now is the ideal time to get your routines in line. On Tuesday, you may meet or collaborate with someone who gives you a great idea regarding a certain negotiation. Around Wednesday, your worker bee Taurus attitude will kick in… maybe even a little too much. Take a step back and remember that no one expects you to be perfect.

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The sun is moving into Gemini’s leisure zones this week, meaning it’s time to kick back those shoes and relax. This week, you may also be experiencing the excitement of a budding romance. Just remember not to dive headfirst into things without checking the waters. Waiting until next week to make any big moves would be best.

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There will be lots of attention on your home this week, Cancer. Is it time to Marie Kondo your closet? Do you want to redecorate? This week is the perfect moment! Wednesday and Thursday, you may see some friends who need a little support. Your home is the best place to congregate. Lastly, the new moon on Saturday floats in your home zones as well—which may bring some fresh balance to your life!

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Being a Leo makes you a people magnet already. But with Mercury in your communication sector this week, your words will drip gold. This is an ideal time to boast that self-promotion or get ahead on tasks. Prepare for an interesting encounter with someone on Tuesday that could give you some answers you need to finish a project. For you, the new moon is a great time to start a new project.

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You’re feelin’ flushed with cash this week, Virgo. But don’t go too overboard on the spending. You could easily throw yourself off balance right now. If you’re planning on buying anything, though, you might consider purchasing something to beautify your home on Tuesday! Lastly, the weekend’s new moon could urge you to get going on that side hustle you’ve been meaning to get to.

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While Libra season is always a good time for you, this year will be particularly energizing as Mercury and Venus are also in your sign. That means, this week, more than normal you’ll have a desire to collaborate with others. Family issues may come up this week; don’t get too bothered by them. Try your best to compromise and things will simmer down. Finally, with the new moon in your sign, you have the power behind you to accomplish anything you want.

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As the sun enters your spiritual zones, be prepared to start asking some real-life questions about what you want. You could hit some major spiritual breakthroughs here! Being a Scorpio means your intuition is top notch; but this week, you’ll want to pay extra attention due to some positive aspects with Jupiter. Saturday’s new moon asks you to reconnect with your spiritual self. Meditation, journaling, or yoga might be a great activity that day.

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Your focus has been on goals these past couple weeks, but you’ll start to feel a shift toward spirituality here this week as the sun moves to this self-reflective zone in your chart. While you’ll want to start thinking outside your spiritual self Sagittarius, Mars in your career zone may keep your focus stationed in career. Another thing highlighted this week for you is romance—it’s a great time to go on dates or spend time with that special partner.

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Being a Capricorn, you’re usually quite focused on work. Luckily, this week the sun moves into your sector of goals. This is the best time to market your projects and ideas, and with Libra energy floating around, you’ll be able to do this in the most charming of ways. As the new moon approaches on Saturday, consider this the best moment to take action on one of those projects or ideas. Now is the time!

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Get ready to pick up the bags and move, Aquarius! Starting this week, the sun enters your sector of travel. Vacation mode is on. Take this opportunity to travel somewhere where you can relax. The new moon on Saturday is a perfect moment to start prepping for your next journey. Lastly, if you were considering getting a certification or starting a class, sign up this weekend.

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As we move into Libra season, the sun influences you to start looking inward. Have you been interested in chatting with a therapist or counselor? Do you want to skip GNO and take a rejuvenating bath at home instead? This week is about you, so don’t feel bad about doing the things you need to do in order to revive yourself. The new moon on Saturday may encourage you to purchase something that will be an investment for the future. Go for it, Pisces.

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