Wondering what you need to pack when moving into your college apartment? This post is all about the ultimate college apartment packing list.

Packing to move into your college apartment can be so overwhelming right? Moving all your stuff out of your dorm to a new apartment can feel really intimidating if you have no idea what to pack. Even if you have a general idea of what to bring you still feel like you're missing something! 

Luckily I have moved into a college apartment many times at this point so I have everything that needs to be packed down to a science. Here are all the essentials you need to pack when moving into your college apartment!

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This post is all about the ultimate college apartment packing list.
TABLE OF CONTENTS: BEDDING ESSENTIALS: BATHROOM ESSENTIALS: KITCHEN ESSENTIALS: CLOSET ESSENTIALS: COLLEGE APARTMENT DECOR: CLEANING ESSENTIALS: ORGANIZATION ESSENTIALS: FURNITURE ESSENTIALS: MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS TO PACK: BEDDING ESSENTIALS: 1. Mattress Or Mattress Pad If you’re looking for the most heavenly mattress and mattress pad topper for your bed I have got you covered. This mattress from Amazon is the one I have on my bed at home and I can’t say enough good things about it. 
If your apartment comes fully furnished already then you can skip buying the mattress and just buy the mattress pad to put on top for extra comfort!
2. Sheets You want to make sure you have a sheet set when moving into your first college apartment. There are tons of great options on Amazon, Target, Walmart, and really any other home store. These jersey sheets are the softest sheets I have used so I 10/10 recommend them. 
3. Comforter Buy on West Elm Buy on Target The comforter is my personal favorite when it comes to bedding. There are SO many different options out there so choose a comforter in whatever color or pattern you like!
I personally love buying neutral-colored comforters so that I can decorate with any color pillows or blankets but it is totally up to you. 
Urban Outfitters, Amazon, Target, and Home Goods are my go-to stores to look for comforters!
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CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE! 4. Pillows Make sure to have sleeping pillows for your bed! You are definitely going to need two regular pillows and may even need an additional two if your comforter comes with matching pillowcases.
5. Throw Blankets Buy on Urban Outfitters  You can seriously never have too many throw blankets! Okay, maybe you can... But in my experience, I use throw blankets all the time and love having a bunch of warm fuzzy blankets around my apartment.
I am currently obsessing over this large beige throw from Urban and think it is just so cute. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on blankets though, you can still find a bunch of great blankets on Amazon.
BATHROOM ESSENTIALS: 1. Shower Curtain And Liner Buy on Target First things first for your college apartment bathroom packing list. You need to be able to shower right away so make sure you have a shower curtain and liner. 
I recently found Society6 and have been loving their shower curtains and pillows. Definitely check on their website for a ton of cute and trendy decor options!
2. Bath Towels I know when I moved into my college apartment I wanted the cute bath towels from Target that were way more expensive than the basic ones. My mom convinced me to stick with the less expensive, plain towels and I am honestly so glad I did. College apartment bath towels get dirty really fast with stains or bleach from the wash. 
I say skip buying the cute but pricey towels and get this basic set from Amazon!
3. Bath Mats Buy on Target Nothing is worse than stepping out of your warm shower and onto the cold, wet floor. Buy a bath mat or two to put beside your shower to make your bathroom cozier and slip-free!
{RELATED POST: 21 College Apartment Bathroom Ideas That Prove You Can Make Bathrooms Look Good} 4. Shower Organizer A shower organizer was an item I honestly didn’t think about when I was moving into my college apartment and I have no idea how I forgot it.
If your shower doesn’t have built-in shelving already, definitely buy an over-the-shower caddy. No one likes having to shove all their products on the side of the tub right?
5. Plunger And Toilet Brush You want to make sure you have a plunger and toilet brush on hand right when you move into your apartment! Just in case
6. Bathroom Accessories  Buy on Target If you plan on putting everything in your bathroom drawers you don’t need to worry about bathroom accessories! But, I LOVE the look of a matching set to put my toothbrush and soaps in. Yes, I am that girl that take the soap out of its bottle just to pour it into my matching decor.... And I know I am not alone
KITCHEN ESSENTIALS: 1. Dishes If there is one piece of advice I can give to students buying for their college apartment kitchen, it is to not buy ceramic dishes. Not only are they more expensive but are usually money wasted because you will break them.
Instead, buy plastic and dishwasher-safe dishes that are unbreakable! You may also want to buy mugs and wine glasses too.
2. Pots And Pans Buy on Walmart I had these exact pots and pans all throughout college and they held up so well. The best part? They’re only $20. This is probably the best deal on pots and pans I have found but can vouch for them and say they really do work!
3. Cooking Utensils Don’t forget to add all the kitchen cooking utensils to your college apartment packing list! Make sure you have everything from spatulas to measuring cups. This set right here is basically everything you need. I would also buy a bottle opener and can opener.
4. Kitchen Utilities Most apartments come with a fridge but sometimes they don’t have a microwave. Make sure to add one to your packing list! Additional kitchen utilities such as a toaster, blender, and airfryer are really nice to have too. 
{RELATED POST: Apartment Kitchen Tour} 5. Paper Towel Holder I don’t even know why I remember this but when I moved into my first college apartment I totally forgot to buy a paper towel holder and put off buying one for the longest time. It actually became a joke between my roommate when we said we were going to buy one.
But, when we finally did get one it honestly felt like a luxury. This is one item I didn’t think to buy but definitely think should be added to your college apartment packing list
6. Tupperware Tupperware is great to have in your college apartment for either meal prep or to save leftovers. You can’t be wasting any food in college. 
This set from Amazon will keep your food sealed and fresh so well. 
7. Water Filter Something about filtered Brita water just ~hits different. If your fridge doesn’t have a water spout you will for sure want to buy a water filter.
And for the sake of your roommate, please fill it up if you use the last of the water
8. Silverware And Knives The last kitchen essential is one you probably already thought of but if not make sure to add it to your college apartment list right now. Make sure you have spoons, butter knives, forks, and steak knives to eat with before moving in.
CLOSET ESSENTIALS: 1. Closet Organization Products Closet organization products are a must for college apartments especially if you are working with a smaller closet. Over-the-door shoe racks will be a life saver and keep all your shoes off the floor. 
You can also buy a hanging shelf for your close to add more room for folded clothing!
2. Baskets Buy on Target Buy on Target Oh, baskets how I love you. Baskets are one of my decor/organization obsessions that I don’t think I will ever get over. I mean look how cute these are… and they organize and hide clutter? I’ll take 10.
3. Non-Slip Hangers Once you start using non-slip velvet hangers you will never go back to plastic ones. Velvet hangers are a bit more expensive but hold clothing up so much better and are totally worth it in my opinion.
Make sure you also have hangers with clips to hang strapless clothing or pants!
{RELATED POST: 21 Best College Apartment Organization Ideas That'll Change Your Life} 4. Laundry Bin Buy on Target Having a laundry bin like this one from Target will keep your dirty clothes off the floor and make carrying them to the laundry room so much easier.
5. Over-The-Door Mirror Buy on Walmart You want to be able to see all your  outfits in a full-length mirror while in your college apartment so make sure to buy a full-length mirror. I recommend buying one that hangs over the door like this to avoid having to hang it up with nails.
COLLEGE APARTMENT DECOR: 1. Throw Pillows Buy on Target Buy on Society6 The best and easiest way to add a little spice to your college apartment is to add throw pillows! Add pillows to your couch, bed, and chairs for extra comfort and cuteness.
I am currently loving Target and Society6 when shopping for throw pillows. 
2. Curtain Rod And Curtains The worst thing ever is being woken up to the sun in your eyes when you are trying to sleep in. Make sure to buy a curtain rod, and blackout curtains before moving in and add them to your college apartment packing list!
3. Rugs Buy on RugsUSA Rugs always make the biggest difference in rooms by adding not only style but comfort too. If your college apartment has hardwood flooring I would 100% recommend buying a cute rug for your living room and bedroom!
RugsUSA is one of my favorite stores to shop at when I am in need of a new rug.
4. Wall Decor Buy on Target Wall decor is one of my absolute favorite ways to design any apartment. You can use mirrors, tapestries, photos, and frames, or really any other wall decor you like! Urban Outfitters, Home Goods, Target, and Anthropologie are some of my faves to buy cute, trendy wall decor from.
{RELATED POST: 27+ Stylish Apartment Decor Ideas You'll Absolutely Love} 5. Coffee Tray And Decor Buy on World Market Buy on West Elm Every coffee table has to have a decorative coffee tray in the center of it. Pick out a tray you like and decorate it using candles, coasters, plants, etc. This is also a great way to keep remotes organized or just serve as a catch-all tray when hanging out.
6. Lamps Buy on Overstock Don't forget lamps! You need them for studying but they can also add a cute element to your room. Amazon and Target have great options for this.
CLEANING ESSENTIALS: 1. Vacuum When I moved into my college apartment I retired the small vacuum that I used in my dorm freshman year and upgraded to a bigger vacuum. You will have a lot more space in your apartment which means a bigger vacuum is needed!
2. Broom If you have any hardwood in your college apartment you are going to need a broom and dustpan. Try to sweep your floors at least once a week to clean up all the dirt and cribs off your floor.
3. Disinfectant Wipes Disinfectant wipes are a great cleaning product to keep around your apartment when you want to clean up fast. I used these in my college apartment to wipe down counters in a hurry, frequently touched items, door handles, etc. These are definitely a must!
4. Toilet Cleaner This Clorox bleach toilet cleaner is one of my favorites and is a total essential when it comes to buying cleaning products for your first college apartment.
5. Cleaning Gloves I personally hate cleaning with my bare hands because of how drying the cleaning products are. Plus, I just get grossed out cleaning a toilet with my bare hands. Consider buying cleaning gloves and adding them to your college apartment cleaning supply.
6. Sponges And Cloths These reusable sponges are one of my favorite college cleaning supplies plus they come in a huge pack for super cheap! I also recommend buying microfiber cloths. They absorb dust way better than paper towels and will change your cleaning game.
7. Additional Cleaning Sprays You want to cover all your bases when it comes to cleaning sprays. My top cleaning essentials include an all-purpose spray, glass cleaner, and bathroom/tub cleaner.
8. Trash Can And Bags Don’t forget to add a trash can and trash bags to your college apartment packing list! You will need them from the first day you move in to throw away trash after moving in.
ORGANIZATION ESSENTIALS: 1. Storage Bags I used storage bags every year from moving into my college dorm to moving into my college apartment. They are life savers when it comes to creating extra storage plus serve as a reusable packing option when moving in and out of your apartment.
2. Drawer Organizers Drawer organizers really change the game when it comes to organizing your college apartment. Use them in your bathroom to organize your cosmetics, in your kitchen to organize silverware, and even in your closet to organize jewelry.
3. Makeup Organizer Make sure to add a makeup organizer to your college apartment packing list if you plan on doing your makeup frequently. Having one will ensure all your products are clean, organized, and keep your desk or counter clutter-free.
FURNITURE ESSENTIALS: 1. Bed Frame Buy on Urban Outfitters A lot of apartments that come fully furnished provide a bed frame but if not you will need to buy one! I LOVE this bed frame from Urban Outfitters and it comes in almost every size.
If you don’t want to drop hundreds of dollars on a bed frame you can always buy a basic bed frame like this one from Walmart!
2. Side Tables You will need to have side tables in both your living room and bedroom to create storage, set drinks on, and decorate with! I recommend a larger side table with shelves for your bedroom and a smaller one in the living room.
3. Desk Buy on Target Since the whole purpose of going to college is learning, you want to have a place you can comfortably work on homework and study. Make sure to buy a desk and chair to work at!
4. Couch Or Couch Covers I personally live on my couch at my apartment so I recommend spending money on a good and comfortable couch. Couches can be a little pricey but if you have roommates you can split the cost to make it much less expensive for all of you.
If your apartment comes fully furnished but your couch isn’t the comfiest or you just don’t like the color, use couch covers! I did this my sophomore year and it honestly changed the entire feel of the room.
{RELATED POST: College Apartment Furniture | 25 Really Cheap And Cute College Apartment Furniture} 5. Bar Stools Buy on Target Most of the time you won’t have space to put a dining table and chairs in your living room so I always recommend bar stools to create a dining area. Plus, when friends come over the bar stools allow extra casual seating!
6. Coffee Table There is something about having a coffee table that just makes the place feel more like home. Amazon, IKEA, and Target all have great coffee table options to put in your college apartment living room.
MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS TO PACK: 1. Makeup Mirror I personally hate doing my makeup without a makeup mirror and I know a lot of my friends are the same way. The lighting and magnification just make it so much easier. If you frequently do your makeup this is one item you don’t want to leave off your college apartment packing list.
2. Tool Kit I always suggest buying a tool kit before you move into your college apartment. Dad may there to help fix loose screws now, but he won’t be in a month! Keep a general tool kit like this one from Amazon in your apartment.
3. Batteries Nothing is worse than going to use your new products only to realize it requires batteries. I recommend keeping a pack of AA and AAA batteries at your college apartment.
4. Extension Cords It can be easy to run out of wall plugs in your college apartment so be sure to buy extension cords beforehand! This will make plugging your devices and lamps in so much easier and help organize messy cords.
5. Chargers These chargers from Amazon are super long so you can lay in bed all day without having to huddle over a power supply.
6. First Aid Kit It can be easy to rely on Mom and Dad at home to supply all your medical needs. But now that you are living in a college apartment alone, it is great to have a first aid kit around. 
7. Candles Or Air Fresheners Everyone loves when their apartment is smelling good! Be sure to pack candles to freshen up the smell of your college apartment. If candles aren't allowed, a wax warmer or air freshener works just as well.
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