The more time we spend at home the more toilet paper gets used

And those used tubes pile up! Here are 25 toilet paper roll crafts and other creative uses.
Toilet Paper Roll Crafts and Uses 1. Plant Starters
Cut the tube in half. Then make four shallow cuts on one end. Fold these in and place them in a plant starting tray. Fill 3/4 full with seed starting soil. Place one or two seeds in each one and cover the seeds with soil. Water and place in a sunny window. When the seeds germinate and the plants are a few inches high, you can plant them outside (depending on the weather). Plant the whole thing. The tube will disintegrate within a few weeks.
2. Cord Storage
Wind small extension cords into a flat loop. Place the cord inside of the toilet paper roll and store it in a drawer. No more tangles!
3. Hair Tie Storage
Place hair ties around the outside of the tube. Convenient and easy.
4. Napkin Holders
Cut the tubes in half. Glue fabric over the outside and fold in on the edges. Secure with a bit more glue. You can make these for any occasion or everyday use.
5. Scarf Holder
Cut the tubes into 1-inch lengths. Glue a row of 7 or 8, then glue another row alternating with the first. Paint with glossy paint. Secure to a hanger with wire. Now you can thread your scarves through each loop making them easy to find and use.
6. Fire Starters
Stuff with dryer lint to make free fire starters! Light one end and you’re set.
7. Gift Boxes
Paint the outside of the tube and let dry. Crease each end in a shallow crescent and score along the crease. Fold in and tape if you wish. Fill with whatever you want and do the same to the other end.
8. Advent Calendar
This is a great toilet paper roll craft idea! Cut each tube in half. Glue to each other so that the ends show, in a rectangle to make 24. Place small treats or trinkets in each one. Glue tissue paper over each top and number them 1-24. Paint if desired. Every day during Advent, have your child reach into a tube and get whatever is inside.
9. Desk Organizer
Glue several tubes together and paint. You can get 6-7 in a bundle together in a circle. Stand these on end and glue cardboard to the bottom. Turn over. Store pens, pencils, markers and whatever else you want in these.
10. Lanterns
Cut slits in the toilet paper rolls about an inch apart. Go through the center, but don’t cut the ends. Push the ends together so that you can crease the tube in the center of the slit. Paint as desired. Place on a table with a battery operated flicker candle inside.
11. Marshmallow Shooter
Paint the tubes as desired. Place a balloon over one end, making sure you leave a bit of slack. Drop a mini marshmallow inside. On the outside, grasp the balloon and pull back. Release! With practice, you can shoot the marshmallow several feet!
12. Wrapping Paper Holders
Cut one side of the tube all the way through. Slide over a used roll of wrapping paper, securing the paper so it doesn’t unroll. For longer rolls, use two!
13. Baling Twine Holder
I have goats and I found this handy-when you cut the twine, loop it through the toilet paper roll. I have a few glued up on a post indie of my shed so I’ll have plenty of space.
14. Quilling Paper
Cut into thin strips and use them to make paper quill designs. Paint when you have then in the design that you want.
15. Stamps
Shape however you wish. Dip the shaped end in paint and press onto paper for a one of a kind design. Works great with snowflakes!
16. Fabric Holder
Roll small amounts of fabric into tube shapes. Insert into toilet paper rolls. Line the tubes in a box like a shoebox so that you can see the ends. Works great for fat quarters.
17. Yarn Holders
Wrap yarn around a tube for easy accessibility. Cut a slit at each end of the tube to hold the ends of the yarn.
18. Poison Ivy Treatment
This is an old southern poison ivy treatment that I just ran across-cut the tube into strips about 1/2 inch wide. Then cut a slit in the side so it is like a bangle bracelet. Form the strip around your arm or leg (you may need to tape a few together for larger areas) and tape in place. The cardboard will soak up the liquid in the blisters very quickly. Discard once wet and apply another one if necessary.
19. Potato Starters
Cut seed potatoes so they have one or two eyes on each piece. Place 6-12 toilet paper rolls upright in a bucket. Fill each tube about halfway with soil. Place a piece of potato in each one. Cover with a small amount of soil. Water well. Check daily. If leaves con=me out of the top of the soil, cover them again. Once the soil gets to the top of the tube, the roots will be well established and the potatoes can be set into the ground, tube, and all.
20. Cutworm Deterrent
Spray paint the outside of a tube with copper-colored paint. Let dry. Set the tube around cutworm sensitive plants like corn shoots. Leave partially submerged in the soil until the corn is about 8-10 inches tall. Remove the tube. Cutworm free!
21. Snack Sauce Holder
I love chips and dip and cheese dips. But my bowls, being rounded, always tip around. Cut a toilet paper roll in 2-inch pieces. Put the bowl on the top. This works unless the bowl is really big. For bigger bowls, glue several sections of the tube together to form a ring and place your bowl in that.
22. Firebricks
Shred tubes and place in water. Blend well, form, and squeeze all the water out. Let dry to make fire bricks. Get the complete instructions here!
23. Shoe Shapers
I have some shoes that are floppy. They get wet and dry all scrunched together. A great toilet paper roll solution is to place a tube inside when you take them off and they’ll dry shaped the right way!
24. Spice Holder
Glue a bunch of tubes together. I line them up in an old stand up photo frame. Paint as desired. When dry, store your spice jars inside. Label the tops so you don’t need to pull each one out to find what you need.
25. Compost
When all else fails, you can compost your tubes. This helps to make up the “brown” part of a good compost blend.

Do you have other ideas for toilet paper roll crafts and projects? Share your ideas with us!


25 Ideas for Toilet Paper Roll Crafts and Other Uses was written by Debra Maslowski.
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