Pipe Shoe Rack, Shoes Rack, Shoe Organizer, Wood Shoe Rack, Industrial Rustic Country Shoe Organizer, Industrial Shoe Rack, Shoe Rack by JustKnotWood

367.50 USD

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Organize and store your shoes from the minute you walk in your home. With your new shoe rack, you will enjoy the luxury of shoe organization while at the same time displaying a beautiful piece of art that will be sure to have your guests talking. With fully customizable dimensions, any space in your home can be the perfect space for your new shoe display.

All of our pipes are 3/4" industrial grade black iron pipe. We have cleaned each piece and painted them with 2 coats of paint as well as 2 coats of clear for a long lasting finish.

**Hardware is included and wrapped in bubble wrap to avoid scratching the shelves**

Each level of our small size (28" wide) holds 3 pairs of men's shoes or 4 pairs of women's shoes.
Each Level of our large size (38" wide) holds 4 pairs of men's shoes or 5 pairs of women's shoes.


Small Size: 42" Total Width (Adjustable upon request)
Large Size: 52" Total Width (Adjustable upon request)

2 Tiers: 20.5" Tall (Adjustable upon request)
3 Tiers: 30.5" Tall (Adjustable upon request)
4 Tiers: 40.5" Tall (Adjustable upon request)
5 Tiers: 50.5" Tall (Adjustable upon request)

All sizes are 15" Deep at the widest point with 11" deep shelves (Adjustable upon request)
9" Tall Clearance for each shelf (Tallest shoe possible on bottom and middle shelves)
5.5" From top of one shelf to bottom of the next

Comes mostly assembled. Assembly involves a Phillips head screwdriver to place screws in each shelf and minimal pipe structure assembly. Assembly time is roughly 10-15 minutes.

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Ask about customized sizes if you don't find a size to fit your needs. If you are ordering additional levels for a previously purchased shoe stand from us, please message me for pricing dimensions.