Pantry and Stockpile Organization Ideas

Gathering a stockpile? Accruing a large stash of goods and products can leave you in a mess. We have some of the best Kitchen Pantry Organization Ideas and Stockpile Storage Ideas to get your home organized.
Pantry & Stockpile Organization

Consider this post just as much for me, as for you. We moved as soon as social distancing became a thing. I am talking about last day of school Friday. Monday, no school and closing on a new house. We consider it a blessing, as many places of work closed the week we moved but all of a sudden I found myself in a new home with no stockpile and starting from nothing.
Stockpile Meaning
If you know couponing, you likely are familiar with a stockpile. If you are new to shopping ahead – say in two week to month long periods, you might be becoming familiar with the stockpile meaning.

Stockpile. stock·pile /ˈstäkˌpīl/ noun. A large accumulated stock of goods or materials, especially one held in reserve for use at a time of shortage or other emergency.

I worked hard to diminish our stockpile before the move. Especially our stockpile of canned foods and fresh ingredients. Once I made a trip to the grocery store (on Tuesday) the shelves were pretty wiped clean. So I began the process of stockpiling, on a limited supply, with a brand new kitchen and pantry. Since I was at ground zero, I went to Pinterest to start right. This was my opportunity to organize a new home and began new habits of putting tings away properly and in their place.

Take my lessons on How to Stockpile from someone who has done her research starting at the beginning. These stockpile organizational tips I learned from step 1 doesn’t mean you can’t start or implement on year 20. Now is a great time for us to all hunker down and organize our home, pantry and stockpile.


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Kitchen Pantry Organization Ideas and Stockpile Storage Ideas

If you have plenty of pantry storage (and even if you don’t) use the Dollar Tree to fill your space with Dollar Tree Storage Containers including glass jars and plastic bins. We share a lot of these ideas in our KonMari Dollar Tree Organizing Post. | Do It On a Dime

Use all your space and keep the bread intact! Use under-shelf racks in your pantry to hold easily crushable items that keep your counters free from clutter. (In our home, we actually put this in our cupboard with the plates.) | BHG

When stockpiling, use all the possible space you can. In this pantry hack, attach plastic sink caddies to pantry walls using Velcro Command strips. | Make Bake Celebrate

Speaking of using your pantry wall, try this. Pin your plastic bags to the wall inside your pantry. Not only will our bags be easily accessible but it will free up some space on your shelves. | Source

Use all your space with out loosing things . Pull out drawers will allow you to pack your stockpile in small spaces. See drawer options here. | Source

With stockpiling, it is important to keep ingredients fresh. Especially because you might find yourself opening a new oversize box but not using it entirely right away. Airtight Food Storage Containers are great for pantry organization as well as freeing up space. If you find yourself needing directions for your ingredients, use a label maker to add directions to the container. | Make Bake Celebrate

Utilize the corners of your pantries with a lazy Susan (or 2 or 3 or 100). Follow these step-by-step tips for a lazy Susan pantry idea. | Decor Chick

Instead of pilling cans on top of each other, spread them out with a rolling Can Storage Organizer Rack. This rack and stack on top of each other, as well, for higher shelves and more canned good storage. | Buy It Here

Get creative. Wall mounted magazine racks are perfect for vegetables likes onions, potatoes, and more! | Just What Am I Thinking

Adjustable shelves? Follow these Pantry Shelf Guidelines to see how tall to make an ideal pantry shelf for canned goods, spaghetti sauce, cereal and more. | Food Storage Moms
Ideal Pantry Shelf Guidelines
The following are approximate guidelines for the most ideal pantry shelf height.
Allow 5.25 to 7 inches for a shelf of canned goods. Allow 8 to 10 inches for a shelf of baskets. Allow 12 to 16 inches for cereal boxes. Allow 12 to 16 inches for stackable  Airtight Food Storage Containers. Allow 14 to 16 inches for a 3-tier Can Storage Organizer Rack. Allow 18 to 20 inches for larger items or items rarely used.

If you lack a basement or an over-sized utility or laundry room, the garage is going to be your best bet for stockpile organization from body wash, laundry detergent, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and more.  You can find sturdy Home Depot Garage Shelves. Follow this stockpile organization tutorial on YouTube. | Be My Guest with Denise

Use a hall linen closet to store toiletries. You can use a clear shoe organizer for smaller health and beauty items. This makes them easy to see and reach. | Coupon Wizards

Your food stays fresh and easily accessible in a Pantry Food Storage Container with Handle. The handle makes removing it from the cabinet easy, and its lid ensures freshness. It holds over 6 quarts which is pretty large for storage! | Buy It Here

Want a way to store open chips without them falling over and opening? We love this pantry hack for hanging chips. | Source

Get organized. We have Organizational Printables to get other areas of your home in order. Pin to Pinterest.

Save a lot, organize a lot – We love the Dollar Tree Organizational Ideas. Pin to Pinterest.

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