Moving into your dorm room this year? You're going to want to see these insanely good dorm room storage hacks!!


When you're living in such a small space, like a dorm room, it's super important to utilize every last bit of room! I remember packing up my bedroom and thinking, how the heck am I going to fit all this in my dorm room?! The key to fitting all of your stuff in that tiny space is organization and storage hacks! Lucky for you, I have found 23 dorm room storage hacks that you can easily recreate in your dorm room!!

Whether you are looking for the best ways to store your clothes, food, school supplies, or create under-bed storage, this post has it all! You have to try out some of these dorm room storage hacks and completely transform your dorm room!

This post is all about dorm room storage hacks.





1. Clothes Storage Bags

These clothes storage bags are so helpful for storing your extra clothes in your dorm room!! I know where I went to school, we had crazy weather, from 99° to -10°, and I needed a ton of clothes. 

The dorm closets are tinyyy, and there's no way you can fit all of your clothes in there. These bins can hold all of your "out of season" clothes. You can store them at the bottom of your closet or under your bed!

2. "Magic" Space Saving Hangers

These hangers are such a good dorm room storage hack. As I said, the dorm closets are so small and fill up fast. I just recently found out about these hangers that allow you to hold five shirts in the space of one!! 

These are game-changers! You need to try them out to fit 5x the amount of clothes in your dorm room closet! 

3. Underwear Drawer Organizer

Just like the closets, if you are lucky enough to have drawers in your dorm room, they're going to be pretty small. I had two drawers in my dorm room, and I organized them with these underwear drawer organizers. 

I stored all of my socks, underwear, bras, and even some of my tops in these drawer organizers. The key to utilizing your small space is to keep it organized! 


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4. Use a Shoe Organizer for Sweatshirts 

Okay, this is my best life hack of all. There is nothing bulkier than sweatshirts hanging in a closet or stuffed in a drawer. I ordered this shoe organizer and then I rolled my sweatshirts for each cubby.

This dorm room life hack will save you so much space in your closet and keep you super organized! It's only about 5 inches wide, so imagine how much space you will save in your dorm room closet!

5. Free-standing Fabric Clothing Drawers

If I had room for this in my dorm room, I would 100% have bought one! These little drawers are so nice because you can get so much more storage in addition to the tiny, provided closet. I'm thinking of all the things like underwear, swimsuits, socks, workout clothes, or pajamas that I could have stored in these drawers. 

Before you move into your dorm room, look up the hall you are staying in on Youtube and there might just be a dorm room tour posted!! I did this, and it was so convenient because I could see how much space I was working with and plan accordingly. A girl who filmed a tour of my dorm building even gave the room measurements and under-bed space!

6. Hanging Underwear Closet Organizer

If you're working with no drawer space and only a closet, this underwear closet organizer is going to change your life! This organizer is helpful because you can keep all of your bras and underwear organized in a super slim space. 

Trust me, you don't want your underwear all over the place in a shared dorm room. Having this organizer will keep you organized and help you utilize all of your space efficiently! 

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7. Mini Fridge Organization Bins

Who says your mini-fridge can't look super organized and pretty?? I have clear acrylic bins like this in my fridge in my apartment, and I love them!! I wish I knew these mini bins existed when I had a mini-fridge in my dorm room.

These bins could also help keep your roommate's food separate from yours! Food was never a big issue for me, but I knew some people had a major roommate problem with taking food!

8. Snack Organizer Bins

Okay, I lived off of granola bars and little packaged snacks in college. I would always just throw them in a bin, but you know I would have loved to have these snack organizers. 

You will love these bins for your snacks because your dorm room will look super organized and put together. You could put these bins on top of your mini-fridge next to your coffee maker to make a cute little food station. 

9. Stackable Plastic Food Storage Bins

These bins could not be more perfect for dorm room storage. You will love that they're clear because you can see everything you're storing inside! That way you don't have to dig around and search for your stuff!

If I had these bins in my dorm room, I would store stuff that I didn't use super often, like my Everything But The Bagel Seasoning and peanut butter in there!

10. Mini Fridge Shelving 

Okay, I so wish I had one of these above my mini-fridge in my dorm room. I would fill these shelves up with all of the cute little organization bins I linked above!

You could also put a microwave, your coffee maker, or toaster on these shelves above your fridge! You will love having a food area in your dorm room because it will keep you so much more organized.

11. Mini 2-Tier Lazy Susan

How cute is this? This little mini lazy susan would be the perfect organizational item for your dorm room! Sometimes you have just a super tiny space for your food, so having this 2 level, spinning shelf would be so convenient!

It's a simple design that would look perfect on top of your mini-fridge or even on any shelving you have in your dorm room!

12. Microwave Cart With Drawer & Cabinets

This microwave cart is niiiiice!! I wish I had something like this in my dorm room to stay organized. I had the tiniest dorm room, and my food was stashed in random places, my microwave was just on top of my mini-fridge, and it was not cute. 

If I had a little cart like this, I could have everything stored away nicely in the cabinets and drawers! You will love this for your dorm room because it will keep you organized and keep your space looking clean and put together. 

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13. Acrylic Desk Organizer

Just like everything else I described in the dorm rooms, your dorm desk is going to be small. The more organized you keep it, the better!! I had a desk organizer just like this and it was perfect!!

I kept my pens, pencils, AirPods, calculator, and other little things in there. My desk drawers were a constant mess, so it was nice to have at least one organized thing about my dorm desk.  

14. Wire Desk Drawer Organizer

If you want to avoid the terribly messy desk drawers that every college student in the dorms faces, you need this. A wire desk drawer organizer is a super easy way to make it seem like you're more organized than you are.

It's very inexpensive and will keep your school supplies nice and neat! I have these in a ton of my drawers in my apartment, and they give me that little bit of structure I need to stay organized.

15. Use a Magazine Holder to Store Notebooks

This is my ultimate dorm room storage hack! Because dorm room desks are so tiny, it's key to try and take up as little room as possible with storage. I used a magazine holder to store all of my notebooks, and it saved a ton of desk space!  

There are some really cute gold ones that you can get for your dorm room that are functional and pretty! If you take any of these dorm room storage hacks, take this one!! 

16. Desktop Shelving Organization

Pretty much everyone in college has one of these desktop shelving organizers. As I said, the desk space is superrrr limited, so always think vertical storage.

Here's the thing, I never bought one of these because I thought they were ugly , but I genuinely wished I had one the whole time I was at college! It's one of those things you can style to make it look cuter, but really it's just for functionality.

17. Desktop Drawers

These desktop drawers are so nice for a dorm room desk because they are super tiny. They will take up hardly any space on your desk, and you can store your school supplies and other little things in there.

I would have 100% loved having these drawers on my dorm room desk because I'm a big fan of shoving things in drawers. If this is your organizational style, you definitely should check out these drawers.

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18. Under-bed Storage Containers

If you want to utilize any space in your dorm room well, under your bed is the best space to do so! There was a ton of room under my bed to store stuff! I actually had a cardboard box under there (from move-in day) all year with all the unnecessary things I brought! 

If you want to be a little classier than the cardboard box, these under-bed storage containers are super good quality and compact! I know I would stuff all of my out-of-season clothes into these storage bins and then switch everything out as needed. 

19. Rolling Under-bed Wire Cart

If I was storing something under my bed that I needed to get to often, I would 100% have bought these rolling under-bed carts! I have friends who had these rolling carts and loved them for storing their shoes!! 

Find out what kind of space you have under your bed and plan the under-bed storage accordingly :).

20. Under-bed Shoe Storage Organizer

If you have limited closet space, the room under your bed will be your besttt friend. I was able to store all of my shoes in a bin in my closet, but if I didn't have that space, I would have bought this organizer!

They have handles so you could slide them in and out easily when you needed shoes. You can fit 12 pairs in one organizer!

21. Under-bed Storage Bin with Wheels

Are you looking for something a little more sturdy? I not only love these bins because they are super functional and of good quality, but they are also my favorite cream color.

If you can see the bins under your bed, I would go with something like this because they don't look ugly! If you have to store a ton of stuff, at least make it cute .

22. Canvas Storage Bins

These canvas bins are another option that is cute and functional!! I would store everything from snacks to shoes in these bins under my bed! 

If you had space, you could even put in some little cubby shelves under your bed for these bins. Storage for me is all about having everything tucked away and not looking messy. These bins would help you accomplish just that! 

23. Under-bed Storage Drawers

These drawers are a great option if you have the space for them! Make sure you do some research before purchasing something this big to be sure it will fit under your bed.

The drawers would be convenient if you were storing different things and wanted them separated. The drawers are also nice because they can pull out whenever and be very accessible.

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This post was all about dorm room storage hacks.
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