Going to college this year? Here are 24 Amazon must haves for college students that you're definitely going to need in your dorm room!

Who doesn't love a good Amazon find? If you are looking for dorm room essentials at a good price, this list of Amazon must haves for college students is just for you! In this post, there is everything from a shower caddy to a neon sign (which you definitely need ). I had many of these Amazon must haves in my own dorm room, and let me tell you, I could not recommend them more!

I'm only giving you the best of the best, the absolute musts. I genuinely couldn't have lived without these Amazon essentials, and I know you will thank me later when you have everything you need in your dorm room. 

This post is all about Amazon must haves for college students.


1. Mesh Shower Caddy

I am very passionate about this... please get a mesh shower caddy NOT a plastic one!

I made this mistake my freshman year and got a plastic shower caddy. Here's what happened with that... every time I would shower, water would get stuck in the plastic grooves. I would go back to my dorm room, put the shower caddy on the ground, and five minutes later, there would be a huge puddle on the ground. 

So moral of that all, get a mesh shower caddy because water drains out of it way better. This one is my favorite mesh shower caddy (used my sophomore year). Once you move out of dorms you'll probably throw it away, but it is essential when you do live in a residence hall.


2. Mattress Topper

Having a mattress pad is CRUCIAL in college. Those dorm mattresses are seriously the worst. If you're going to buy anything from this post, buy this!!! I recommend getting 4" or more and make sure you get the twin XL size. 

This mattress topper will make your bed feel like a super expensive Tempurpedic bed. It has almost 3,000 five-star reviews and is a favorite of all college students.


3. Mini Clip-on Fan

You can thank me later for this one. When you wake up dripping sweat in the middle of the night in your dorm room with no AC, you will praise this fan. This is the only thing that kept me from not losing my sh*t in a room that was literally probably 85 degrees. 

This fan is amazing because you can move it around and clip it wherever you want. I always had my fan clipped right on my bed railing. 


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4. Towel Wrap

When tell you I used this dorm essential every single day in college, I used it every single day. So when I say this is an absolute dorm room essentials 2021 item... I mean it. If you're living in a coed dorm, this is even more of a MUST. 

You will have to walk from your dorm room to the communal showers, and you will see all kinds of people in the hallway (sometimes even whole tour groups). It's nice not to have to worry about your towel coming off. I also liked to wear it as I got ready! 

5. Magic Space-Saving Hangers

You've never had such limited space until you've had a dorm closet. They are legit TINY, so you're going to need to maximize the space with some cool hangers like these. With these hangers, you can put five times the amount of shirts on one hanger!

This space-saving hack could not be more perfect for a dorm room. These are definitely one of my top amazon must haves for college students.


6. Towel Set

This is pretty much a given, but you're definitely going to need a good set of towels!! An eight-piece towel set is more than enough, but I always preferred to have them on hand just in case they got lost!

Pro-tip: make sure your towels are separate from your roommate's because using someone else's dirty towel sounds actually disgusting. 

7. Shower Shoes

You don't even want to think about what has been on those communal dorm shower floors. These rubber Birkenstocks are super cute, but you could seriously have a pair of $3 flip-flops, as long as your feet are not on the shower floor . Shower shoes are a MUST. 

8. Sheet Set

I can't talk about amazon must haves for college students without bringing up this famous sheet set. Literally, everyone loves this sheet set (especially me). I had these sheets in the twin XL size on my dorm room bed, and now I have them in the queen size on my apartment bed. 

This sheet set seriously has over 200,000 five-star reviews worldwide. Trust me, they are just that good. 

9. Mini Vacuum 

This mini vacuum might just be number one on my list of amazon must haves for college students. If you're anything like me (and a little bit of a clean freak) you will use the sh*t out of this vacuum in your dorm room .

Everyone on the floor would come over and ask to borrow my vacuum. Don't be one of them... get a mini vacuum and live your clean dorm room dreams .

10. Photo Grid

There is no easier way to hang photos than getting a wire photo grid and clipping all of your pictures on there. You will love the look of a photo grid because it looks wayyy more finished than just taping your pictures up on the wall.

It is also super convenient because it is lightweight and will hang with command hooks easily. I had a gold photo grid in my dorm room, and it looked so cute with my polaroid pictures. 

11. Throw Pillows

There are actually some really decent throw pillow options on Amazon, and that's why these pillows are some of my Amazon must haves for college students. This white, fluffy style throw pillow is one of the most popular looks in a dorm room currently. 

Because they are so neutral, they match with any style dorm room and just add a good layer of texture. Don't forget to order the pillow inserts to complete the look!

12. Neon Sign

If you're looking for trendy you're in the right place. Neon signs are the definition of trendy right now and would make your dorm room look so cute. You will love the ambient lighting effect you will get from the neon sign. 

What you will really love is that this neon sign is only $10 (which is insanely cheap). It also comes in red, yellow, and blue! 

13. Echo Dot

I had an echo dot in my dorm room and I couldn't recommend one more. I would always check the weather using Alexa every morning and have her solve math problems for me occasionally. 

What my Alexa was best for was using it as a bluetooth speaker. One less thing to have to pack, the better! This is definitely one of the most high-tech amazon must haves for college students. 

14. Throw Blanket

You would think this is a given, but when I got to college, and my roommates and I decided to have a movie night, guess who was the only one with a blanket? Me! Don't forget to bring a cozy blanket with you to college! 

Not only are they perfect for movie nights and bundling up, they just make your bed look super put-together and cute.

15. Satin Pillowcases

I am a BIG fan of satin pillowcases (if you're looking to for something more luxurious, get silk pillowcases). They look fancier, are better for your hair and skin, and the ones I have are as cheap as you can get. They're two for $10, which is such a good deal. 

I've had mine for a year now, and I've only had one break. For how cheap they are, I'll say that's a win. You will also love that they have a zipper close which makes them look a lot more polished. Being able to see the pillow through the pillowcase automatically makes it look more sloppy. 

16. Phone Case Wallet

As a college student, you will lose things super frequently while walking to class or out at the bars. Definitely buy a phone wallet and put it on the back of your phone to keep your student ID, debit card, and extra cash in! They are so convenient. 

This is one of the ultimate amazon must haves for college students because you hardly ever carry around a whole purse, and you need your student ID to get in everywhere.

17. Backpack

You're going to need a good backpack to carry all of your school stuff from class to your dorm room to the library, etc.. I had this Northface backpack and I absolutely loved it. I still have it and it is in basically perfect condition. 

You will love this backpack because it just feels so secure and I even think it looks pretty cute (even if it's just plain black).


18. Hanging Shoe Organizer

Not only is this one of my amazon must haves for college students, it is also one of my best dorm room storage hacks. Hint: you don't use this hanging shoe organizer for shoes.

There is nothing bulkier than sweatshirts hanging in a closet or stuffed in a drawer. I ordered this shoe organizer and then I rolled each sweatshirts and stuck it in a cubby. It's only about 5 inches wide, so imagine how much space you will save in your dorm room closet!

19. Comforter

Let me let you in on a big dorm tip, get a comforter instead of a duvet (which would also need a duvet cover)!! It is so convenient for everything to be one piece. Then, when you wash your bedding, you never have to deconstruct anything and try to put it all back together like it was before.

This comforter is super trendy looking and reminds me of the Urban Outfitters grid duvet cover. 


20. Keyring Bracelet Holder

I constantly lost my keys in college. I found that having my keys on a ring/bracelet like this was so helpful and made my life SO much easier. You will love having this bracelet keychain because when you're walking around campus you can have your hands free, and access your keys quickly. 

21. Photo Collage Kit

Drumroll for the single most popular dorm room decoration currently. These photo collages are everywhere right now, and they are perfect for dorm rooms because they take up a lot of wall space and don't require any special hanging. They're fun because they can match any aesthetic. 

This is a really good deal amongst all of the amazon must haves for college students because normally these photo collages tend to be really expensive. The Tezza collages can cost almost four times the price of this amazon wall collage kit. 

22. Storage Ottoman

If you have a raised bed in your dorm room you are 100% going to need a stool or ottoman or some sort to get into bed every night. It is so convenient to have a storage ottoman like this that you can store your shoes or snacks in. 

I would recommend getting a storage ottoman over a regular stool because the more storage the better! You really have to take advantage of every last bit of space in such a tiny room! 

23. Command Strips

These babies are magic. My dorm room walls were covered in command hooks and command strips holding up all of my decor and even some hats and bags. I honestly doubted how well they would work and they never fell the entire year! 

If you didn't know, 99% of dorm rooms will charge you if there is any damage done to the walls, so you can't put in any holes! 

24. Ten-Foot Phone Charger

A ten foot charger is actually life changing. These could not be more perfect in a dorm room. Dorms have usually have very few outlets, so an extra-long charger is essential to being able to lay in your bed on your phone when it's dead...which I know you do! 

These are definitely amazon must haves for college students. Also, they're great for using at the airport or the library when there is not an outlet right next to you! 

This post was all about Amazon must haves for college students.
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