On Friday I helped my friend Rose [ R Kipper Interiors ] with her install for a cute couple who moved here from California!  They bought this house a little over a year ago here in Atlanta and pretty much started a renovation to add a master bedroom, bath and closet.....turning it from a 3 bedroom/2 bath to a 4/3. 
Rose was hired to help get their 3 year old daughters play room together [which was their previous guest room] and outfit the small keeping area off the kitchen.  
I'm gonna start with the before shots so you can see what she selected and how it was used!
Like I said it was the guest room which got moved to the old master bedroom.....and that blanket was the inspiration for the colors!
We started with a gallery wall!
Rose found the large print at HomeGoods and then framed some of Savannah's prints to complete the  look.....

She found these acrylic bookcases on Amazon.

So let's break it down.  They ordered that adorable daybed from Article.  Rose found the rug on Overstock....I swear she is the queen of finding rugs online!  They had the coffee table [was previously in the keeping area]  which is a great for coloring and such.  No worries if it gets ruined right!
Pillows collected mostly from HG's.
We both decided it would be ideal to leave the cushion that came with it instead of covering it in cream....for 2 reasons.
   1.  Cream would get very dirty! 2.  The rug has kinda of that color in it.

Baskets underneath the coffee table for easy cleanup. Of course there is a door to the room which can just be closed when company comes!  And another good thing.....Her room has a door that opens into this space!
On to the keeping area! Before.....
It's hard to tell in the picture above because there is so much furniture but this space is small!  You can see the old coffee table we repurposed into the playroom.

But....that is why as designers we do measurements and floor plans right?  We want to give you a space that works for your family by maximizing the seating area and also not over accessorize with a 3 year old walking around:)

Before we got to that part the rug was rolled out and sofa delivered.  Also Rose softened the window area with some pretty sheers.

She found the rug at Rejuvenation and ordered this amazing console from Noir.

These poufs came from CB2 and will be great for extra seating plus safe for kids to run into as they are very light!

Love these prints from Shadow Catchers

As you can see in the photo below the TV will be mounted!  Also....newsflash that is a faux fig leaf  [World Market] in the corner.  Honestly....we all know how much $$ we have spent on the live ones which will eventually expire.....haha  #truth 

She had the table and lamp at the far end of the sofa so we used it!

This awesome sofa is from Charles Stewart Furniture Company covered in Crypton performance fabric.  I love a tight back sofa for the reason that it always look neat:)

All the pillows came from HomeGoods.  Which I might need to remind you is always a bargain because custom pillows....I'm not gonna lie.... are pretty darn expensive.

Another before shot

Chairs are from Article.

Right off the keeping area is the kitchen....

Which got some new barstools and a little styling!
Barstools from Wisteria and they are very comfy!


 Rose found the vintage art at a flea market...we are alike in the way that it's always nice when there is some patina in a room!

A coffee bar was created on the RHS  and the spices relocated to the LFS.  That cute rug is from Target!

 I had such a fun day without the pressure of it being my install:)

Of course the family room and kitchen was sporting all of my fav colors.  Cream, Tan and Black.  


Yay Rose.....job well done....especially with using some of the items she already had.

Hope y'all are having a great week.....



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