Baddie Winkle Is Committed To Living Her Best Life: EXCLUSIVE

While most of us have to remember not to take ourselves so seriously, some people are born with a euphoric energy that they never lose. Our favorite grandma influencer Baddie Winkle teamed up with Jack in the Box for Jack’s Playground–a whimsical adult-sized playground that boasted everything from curly fry swings, a massive (and super-fast) bacon slide, and a couple of taco see-saws. In the midst of Las Vegas’ Life Is Beautiful–an immersive music, arts, comedy and food festival, Jack’s Playground was the perfect place to get into the swing of the day (literally). It also proved to be the ideal location to let our hair down after a long day of listening to acts like Bea Miller, Cautious Clay and Pink Sweat$.

Hanging with Baddie was certainly one of the highlights of the three-day affair. Adrienne Ingoldt–Jack in the Box’s VP of Marketing and Communications revealed that the 91-year old influencer was their only choice to host Jack’s Playground. “We are very choosy about where we choose to activate,” she explained. “We want to keep company that shares our mindset about being an individual, expressing yourself, going against the grain. And, as we say, be the curly fry in a sea of regular fries, and this is definitely the festival for that. Baddie’s awesome. She marches to the beat of her own drum, and the energy she brings, the individuality she brings absolutely reflects the spirit of Jack in the Box and the people who work there–the food we make. We do everything a little bit different.”

When she wasn’t zooming around in her plush rainbow shooter, crushing Jack’s Playground visitors in games of fiery skeeball, and spending time with fans–STYLECASTER sat down to chat with Baddie on a plush red lip couch with swirls of whipped cream complete with cherries on top as a backdrop. We chatted about Life Is Beautiful, her partnership with Jack Ii the Box, the fashion that speaks to her soul and why this the best time to be a woman.
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“I think it’s enjoyable,” Baddie smiled when looking over Jack’s Playground. “I love festivals and [Jack in the Box] has made it so interesting. I like to meet all my fans when I have the chance, and the festival reiterates that life is truly beautiful and you should make it beautiful every day.”

The day we met, Baddie was decked out in a leopard print neon green dress that showcased bows on the shoulders as well as a pair of neon rainbow sneakers. She accessorized the look with a bedazzled neon green cowboy hat, a pink fanny pack and her glittering pink cane. “I just went to my closet, and I picked out three outfits for the festival because I had to pack them,” she laughed when asked about choosing her looks. “I like everything I wear. Most of my clothes are colorful because I don’t think you should dress your age. I think you should dress as young as you possibly can. It makes you feel better. It makes you feel great. You don’t have to wear a lot of flamboyant clothes or anything like that if you don’t want to–but dress colorfully. Don’t dress in blacks and grays and rust and all that.”
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Life Is Beautiful is all about connection, joy and creativity. For Baddie, that message is especially important for women. “Women used to be in the background,” she reflected. “Men were always out there—I grew up that way. But life is changing, and it’s changing more every day. Women should get out there and whatever they do, do it great. Don’t stand back.”
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We certainly enjoyed our time at Jack’s Playground and Life Is Beautiful. We spent our days jumping feet first into the dipping sauce ball pits, getting the most relaxing massage on Day Two, and snacking on Jack in the Box tacos (Baddie’s favs are the Classic Cheeseburger and Curly Fries ) as we awaited Migos’ appearance at Drai’s Night Club. Still, there was one thing that Baddie said that stuck with us all weekend–being true to yourself. “I dress how I feel,” she said adamantly. “If I don’t like that fashion, I’m not going to go with it.”

Jack’s Playground at Life is Beautiful occurred Sept 20-22 in downtown Las Vegas.
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