9 Car Organization Essentials to Make You Road-Trip Ready

If you're hesitant to hop on a plane right now, it might mean that it's time for a road trip instead! You and your fam need to pile into a car and take off on an adventure, kinda like Britney circa Crossroads. And even if you're just driving past city limits, you should still get the interior of your ride organized. How else will you keep snacks and electronics handy? These trunk organizers, roadside safety kits, and pet-friendly travel systems will save the day.

Feed Fend Car Back Seat Organizer ($17): It's like a purse organizer, but for your car! And this will fit in your rental, no sweat.

Stasher 15 oz. Pet Food Storage Bag ($12): Instead of hauling the entire bag of food to the lake, portion it out ahead of time. This travel-friendly pouch will keep all the kibble fresh — and from spilling all over your trunk.

IPELY Universal Car Vehicle Back Seat Headrest Hanger Holder Hook ($10): You can't place your purse or giant tote in the passenger seat when there's a co-pilot. Hang it behind the seat with this easy-to-install hook.

Da by Car Sun Visor Organizer ($17): Keep credit cards, glasses, phones, and other so-necessary items close at hand. This is the ideal solution for when the rest of the vehicle is packed to the brim and you can't keep your purse up front.

Organized Car Kit for Families on the Go: On long trips you want to be prepared for anything — even a potential emergency. Sunscreen, a fresh pair of undies, maybe some glitter, and a tooth brush. Pack for all the little eventualities with this handy compartmentalized caddy. (via Blue I Style)

Overland Dog Gear Travel Bag ($52): Traveling with four-legged companions requires just as much forethought as traveling with kids. This stow-and-go pack has got you covered. It even has room for some of Fido's fave toys.

Picnic at Ascot Folding Trunk Organizer ($60): The backseat and trunk can easily become a dumping ground for stuff. This organizer will help corral your things, and it even has a cooler compartment for snacks.

DIY Toy Sack: You can DIY this pouch for toys, and also works great as a picnic blanket when spread out. Just make sure you shake all the crumbs off afterwards! (via Pink Suede Shoe)

Stalwart Emergency Roadside Kit ($30): Last but not least, you should always have an emergency kit, especially when the nearest garage could be several hours away. Triple-A will only get you so far!

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